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The Shanti Centre is a yoga & mindful movement centre located in Waterloo, Ontario. We make it our mission to make the many benefits of yoga more accessible to you.

You may have heard that yoga can help to improve balance, flexibility, strength and it can also help to promote emotional balance and reduce stress. If you read this and think “yes, but I could never do yoga because…” then we have news for you. The only thing you need be able to do yoga to practice yoga is breathe!

At its root, yoga is about cultivating peace of mind; it is not necessarily just about getting a workout. The physical practice of yoga is very adaptable, and we make it our mission to offer classes that are gentle and accessible to more of us so that you can have the benefits of yoga no matter what your level of mobility, your age or your health concerns may be. Our classes include Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Yoga for Shoulders & Hips (see the full list of our classes here).

Joining in our classes is a great way to engage in a regular, modest exercise program in a warm and welcoming setting. It is also a way to give yourself some quality time to step out of the busyness of everyday life to breathe, decompress and connect with inner peace.


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