Wednesdays 11am - Noon, Jan 6 - Feb 10

Saturdays 11am - Noon, Jan 9 - Feb 13

Yoga for Hips & Shoulders

This gentle class focuses on two areas where many of us commonly hold tension: the hips and shoulders. This mindful practice of yoga, movement and meditation will help you to unwind from stress and approach your daily tasks with more ease. This class is perfect for anyone who finds that their professional activities contribute to shoulder, neck or hip tension (those of you who sit down or stand all day long will benefit from this class!).

Tuesdays 10:30 - 11:30am, Jan 5 - Feb 9

Chair Yoga

All the benefits of yoga without any pressure on sensitive joints like knees and wrists! Learn tools to add mindfulness and gentle movements to your everyday and find out how much yoga can do for you in this low impact format. This class is perfect for you if you want to cultivate more ease in your body and peace in your mind but you don't feel comfortable in a more active class. All levels welcome, including brand-new beginners!

*check back for future offerings of this class

Unwind & Renew

Is stress or anxiety a challenge in your life? Do you have trouble with sleep? Does the idea of learning tools to help yourself with these issues sound good to you? If you're saying yes to any of these, then this class is a great fit for you. This class combines a variety of very gentle mindful movement (a blend of restorative yoga, pandiculation, energy medicine yoga and movements from the tensegrity series) to build your toolkit of balancing your nervous system, building your resilience to stress, and learning how to unwind from tension that can feel like it lives in your body. Carve out time in your life for some self-care. This trauma-sensitive class is appropriate for all levels - ranging from those who are strong and mobile to those who don't feel mobile or flexible enough for a "typical" yoga class. Beginners welcome!

Fridays 10:30 - 11:30am, Jan 8 - Feb 12

Gentle Yoga

Try this easy going, relaxed-pace class if you want a gentle approach to building strength, improving your balance, and fostering flexibility while learning to slow down and breathe. A regular yoga practice can do wonders to cultivate ease in your body and more peace in your mind. All levels of experience are welcome, even beginners. Flexibility is not required!

Mondays Noon - 1pm, Jan 4 - Feb 8 

Yoga 101

Just yoga, no bells & whistles. This class is your chance to carve out time for mindfulness in your life. Learn how to cultivate more ease and balance in your body and mind with this easy-going approach to alignment-based hatha yoga.

Wednesdays 7 - 8pm, Jan 6 - Feb 10

Strong & Steady Yoga

Build strength, improve balance and have fun! This class offers an accessible and playful exploration of cultivating steadiness of body and mind. No equipment needed - we use body weight to challenge and build our strength. All levels welcome, including beginners!


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