Gentle Yoga

Move through an easy going, slow-paced and gentle yoga class that will help you build strength, challenge your balance, and foster flexibility while learning to slow down and breathe. All levels of experience are welcome, including beginners. Flexibility is not required!


Chair Yoga

Reap all the benefits of a mindful yoga practice without any pressure on your wrists or knees. Learn tools to add gentle movements to your everyday and find out just how much yoga you can do in this low impact format.


Everyone Welcome Yoga

This class flows through a gentle yoga sequence at a relaxed pace, and participants can choose if they prefer to practice seated in a chair or on their yoga mat. All yoga movements and poses will be offered for both settings at the same time, so everyone can participate in the way that suits them best. No prior experience is necessary, and any level of mobility and flexibility is welcome. If you can breathe, you can do yoga! This class can help you improve your balance, flexibility, strength, mobility and your sense of inner peace - whether you practice with us on your mat or a chair. Plenty of yoga props will be provided to make all the yoga poses accessible for every participant.

This is a pay what you can class! Donate whatever amount suits your current financial circumstances (minimum $2). If you already have a yoga pass at the Shanti Centre, you can choose to simply use your pass.


Strong & Steady Yoga

Build strength, improve balance and have fun! This class offers an accessible and playful exploration of cultivating steadiness of body and mind. Beginners welcome.


Yoga for Shoulders & Hips

This gentle yoga class focuses on addressing two areas where many of us commonly hold a great deal of tension: the shoulders and the hips. This mindful practice of yoga, movement and meditation, will help you to unwind from stress and approach your daily tasks with more ease. This class is perfect for anyone who finds that their professional activities contribute to shoulder, neck or hip tension, such as musicians or office workers.


Therapeutic Yoga Sessions

Therapeutic yoga uses gentle movement, relaxation and breathing exercises to help improve function and reduce pain or tension. These individualized sessions can be a pathway to finding more ease in your body and mind in everyday life, a safe way to begin a yoga practice for those living with health issues or discomfort, or a way to complement treatments received in other rehabilitative therapies in order to integrate their benefits into more aspects of your life.


Private or Semi-Private Yoga

Private yoga classes are the perfect opportunity to get some individualized attention - by yourself or in a group of two people. These sessions can help you work with a teacher to explore ways to adapt yoga to your needs, or simply introduce yourself to yoga in a more relaxed setting.