Our Approach

We believe that the benefits of yoga and mindful movement practices should be available to everyone. We aim to make these practices more accessible to more people in several ways.

  • We offer classes that take a gentle approach. Rather than only striving to go deeper into yoga poses, we aspire to make friends with our bodies and cultivate the lost art of slowing down and being in touch with our experience in the present moment.

  • It is easy to get to us. We have free parking on site, we are located a five minute walk from the Conestoga Mall Transit Terminal, and we are on the ground floor so there are no stairs to climb to reach us.

  • We offer not only gentle classes, but also classes that aim to use yoga to build strength, improve balance and challenge you in a way that is safe and accessible.

  • For more detailed information about our classes, click here.

At the Shanti Centre, we take inspiration from and aspire to follow the approach promoted by Kimberly Carson and Carol Krucoff of the Duke Integrative Medicine Centre:

“We emphasize learning to treat yourself with kindness, let go of judgment, and love yourself as you are. Slowing down and paying attention – not only to the physical body but also to emotional and mental reactions – helps calm the nervous system while cultivating strength and flexibility. Making peace with your body – even those places that are ‘challenged’ – can relieve the suffering caused by resistance the experience you are already having. And rather than working toward complex postures that might be eye-catching on a magazine cover, we focus on poses designed to help people function better in daily life activities…”